Monthly Archives: June 2013

whispers and rain


“The Lord is kindness and strength”  (Psalm 144:2)


The littlest one is big now,

catching up to his older sister.

His thick feet smack the floor

as his sickle-shaped legs send him

sailing after his siblings

and they yelp under the whack

of his little paws – he whispers,

“so sorry…gen-tle,” right away

and rubs their sore spots.

They laugh and tackle him.


He is everywhere round –

round arms, round legs,

round cheeks, round belly.

He throws his arms up and shouts

for me to lift him; he is heavy like stone,

yet with ease I set him on my hip

for he hurls hugs and kisses my way,

(I am a tree in the rain)

making loving kindness

my strength and his.