Welcome to Love and Be Loved. This is what God has created us for; it is as simple and as mysterious as that. This little blog is a record of my small successes and massive triumphs  in fulfilling the vocation God has set for me as Wife & Mother, Writer, Helper.  Please do not be mislead:  I am not short on miserable failures, only they are not allowed here if  they do not serve a greater purpose.  They must bring a little light along with them.

As servants of God I have learned that some of us are called to the Monastery while some are called to the Slums, and still others are called to the Home. No matter where we are called, where we find ourselves, we are all meant to love and to be loved. My hope is that as I walk my path faithfully, and share my wake-up moments with the world, others will know God’s Love. Thank you for sharing in the journey, and may you be blessed for dropping by…

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