A Sacramental

Found this and wanted to reshare. Life-giving pieces like this are so, so necessary, and are evidence of the communal and relational nature of Divine Flow. May blessings abound.

Generous Wisdom | Spacious Heart

It is Advent
and I am cleaning out the desk.
I find expired coupons,
obsolete proofs of purchase,
useless how-to manuals.

Beneath unopened instructional cd’s
and old, unframed photos
a gem is gleaming and I open it:

May Christ and all the angels linger long
in September’s slanting light;
gathering around your nebulous charity
that once again said ‘yes’
to becoming
the vessel for life
and loving those who become; 

May the days that seem impossible
be few and fleeting.
May the forgiving be creative!
The Beauty Immense.

These verses fall
out of the cardstock
and into my lap,
a precious gift,
a visible sign of invisible grace
carrying me through
another birth,
another recovery,
another disorienting,
treacherous leap into
God getting to me
through the careful crafting of words
and friendship,
his presence made manifest in love
shared and received
like the sacramentals of daily living,
the bread…

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December’s Eve

This poem was written by a dear friend who decided our ideas were worthy of poetry. This is our organic, spontaneous, joyful collaboration. It spilled out of our connection, and she caught all the gems, arranging them with her time, effort, and energy, creating what you see below.

We had been talking & texting about life – the big existential kind of talking about life – and then a few weeks later she gave me a book, one of the most beautiful gifts I’ve received: Call Us What We Carry, a collection of poems by Amanda Gorman. When I opened the front cover I saw them – all of our words, and some new ones. She had collected our thoughts and organized them in verse. The beautiful fine-point black felt-tip ink of our words, written in her own hand, is stamped in my memory. My eyes filled up with tears when I realized what I was reading.

Who’s lucky enough to receive a gift such as this – this book, this poem – this friend?

December’s Eve

what was,
what is,
what’s to come,
what we wish for,
what we hope for,
what we wished for,
what we hoped for,
what we forgive,
what we allow,
what we choose,
what chooses us…

one after the other…

What do we love,
What do we love,
What do we love?

Photo by Anata Nsg on Pexels.com

A New Direction

Hello, Dear Readers,

It’s been awhile! I have no new poems to share, but I do have updates. If you’ve visited the site recently, you’ll have noticed some changes. Love & Be Loved is welcoming the Universal Yogi (formerly The Catholic Yogi), two sites becoming one with a shared vision: to create a more peaceful and loving world, one small practice at a time.

This site is presently in a mash-up phase as I merge and transform the two sites into one. Many things are quite mixed up and messy! 

The Catholic Yogi was originally founded as an invitation for everyday mystics to see Christ energy everywhere. All the Yoga Stuff from thecatholicyogi.com is here. Just poke around through all those pages listed at the bottom to check out what’s available. Lots of updates and offerings are on the way. Lots of rearranging and restructuring, too. You can expect online course opportunities in yoga, meditation, and writing.

I created Love and Be Loved as a place to record and be reminded of the sacredness of daily life. To Love and Be Loved – a simple, mysterious endeavor. The poetry blog has functioned as a scrapbook of mystical moments, small successes, and massive triumphs in living my heart’s desire ~ to be of service ~ to be compassion itself, to embrace life.  I am hoping to share a little light by sharing my experiences with this practice. You’ll notice no new poetry content since the end of 2018, but more to come in the future.

May you be blessed like crazy
and may you have the strength to bear it.

I hope you continue to follow, read, and practice along with me ~ and invite your friends!

Amy ~ Universal Yogi