Yoga TLC: A 6 Week Series

Hi there! This is the description & registration page for Yoga TLC. There is currently no session scheduled at this time. Please sign up to follow by visiting the home page and typing your email address in the left sidebar. Thank you!

Yoga TLC: Deep Practices for Tenderness, Loving-Kindness, & Care

Each class will begin with a discussion of the week’s theme and include centering, movement, meditation, relaxation, and reflection time (journaling or sketching). There will be time built in to the beginning and end for discussion if you feel comfortable asking questions or sharing thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

Classes will include ways to access our inner resources, restore a sense of balance, and cultivate resilience in the face of difficulty. These practices are for times of challenge, dormancy, low-light, feeling out of sorts, and anything else that comes along with the season of Winter or our personal winters. It is true that we’re also living through a pandemic, so these practices have become even more essential. We could easily call this series “Pandemic Yoga.”

All classes will be followed by an email with extra resources and support for taking the practices through your week: recording link, journal prompts, encouragement, poetry, and music.

This class is for you if:

  • you feel you don’t have enough time in your life to squeeze it in
  • you’re interested in neuroscience
  • you’re running on empty
  • you have no personal bandwidth/brainspace
  • you’re curious about interpersonal neurobiology
  • you feel on the edge of burnout
  • you’re wondering about polyvagal theory
  • you would like to feel better or more like “yourself”
  • you don’t want another power vinyasa flow
  • you want to be in community with other yogis
  • you think moving slowly sounds delicious

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Venmo: @Amy-thecatholicyogi

PayPal: @amysecrist

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