Body Prayer 2020

Body Prayer: A Moving Meditation

Body Prayer is a God-Centered Yoga practice that embraces the fluid movements of the sun-salutation as a way of offering our whole selves to God, body, mind, and spirit.  This session of Body Prayer falls on the Christian observance of Good Friday, one day after the Jewish celebration of Passover.  This presents a wonderful opportunity to make this a prayer of thanksgiving, though any form of prayer is encouraged, such as prayer of praise and adoration, prayer of petition, prayer of contrition, prayer of blessing and others.

Our practice will begin with a moment of silent dedication followed by a few warming postures.   After this, we will move into the sun-salutation practice, which consists of four variations progressing from gentle to more challenging and back again for a total of 40 in all.  This practice will be as gentle, as challenging, or as moderate as you choose.  We will end with a few restorative postures and deep relaxation.

Body Prayer is an all-embracing event; people of all faiths are welcome, and no prior yoga experience is required.  Indeed, no prior prayer experience is required either!

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