Wise Heart Experiences

Generous Wisdom | Spacious Heart
seeks to connect us with our own self,
our friends & family, and our communities,
both local & global,
to bring about our shared
healing, growth, and freedom.


Wise Heart Yoga

Wise Heart Yoga practice seeks to ground us in our bodies and connect us to the naturally occurring world. By uncovering the connections between our own humanity and the humanity of others, as well as the energy of nature, we embark on adventures of individuality and union. Through Wise Heart Yoga practice we engage in discovering our uniqueness within and our unicity with all of life. The signature series Yoga TLC© is one such adventure.

Wise Heart Writing

Wise Heart Writing practice seeks to embody and enliven our lived experience through figurative writing that accesses, stimulates, and satisfies our innate drive to create meaning and to feel it in our bones. The signature series Breathing In, Writing Out© is an adventure in coming fully alive.

Wise Heart Meditation

Wise Heart Meditation practice seeks to open the gateways to personal and communal connection. Through embodied cultivation of the 8 senses we encounter our innate goodness and the goodness of others. This goodness opens us to life-affirming adventures. The 8 senses include thought, emotion, sight, sound, scent, touch, taste, and energy. The signature series Spirit-Care© is one such adventure.

Wise Heart Resilience

Wise Heart Resilience practice seeks to grow the 7 key indicators or abilities of a flourishing life. The Skillful Resilience Experience© is a signature series available for small groups, families, schools, universities, communities, and corporations both large and small.

Kind Words & Testimonials

“[Amy does an] excellent job defining + explaining the [class] theme. [Her] teaching is so fluid + feels effortless – this gives students a sense of ease — that ‘[she’s] got this.’ [Her] confident, grounded yet humorous demeanor goes a long way to create ‘safe’ space — beautiful integration of [class themes] + trauma-sensitive principles.

– E RYT 500 Yoga Teacher Trainer + Mentor

“Amy is warm, kind and fun. She makes the class feel SAFE and like you are able to do the work you need.”

– Yoga Student, Therapist & Counselor, LPC, MFT