Personal Practice

I practice loving and being loved in relationship with myself, with others,  and within community. This involves all kinds of other practices like curiosity, forgiveness, patience, healing, interconnectedness, joy, empathy, growth, and compassion. 

It insists that I live my heart’s deepest desire.  This requires that I cultivate supportive and nurturing skills like embodiment, adaptability, suppleness, responsiveness, continued welcoming, accountability, honoring, boundary creation, and boundarylessness.  

I relate to love as a verb filled with simplicity and nuance.  It is active even when the actions are invisible, like pausing, sustaining silence, and exploring stillness, or creating, holding, embracing, receiving, and enjoying spaciousness.

The exploration of Yoga and other contemplative wisdom traditions, philosophies, and practices that resonate with me provide some of the tools and inspiration that support and sustain me in this way of being.    The investigation of neuroscience, polyvagal theory, systems theory, applied neurology, and resiliency are areas of study invaluable to opening my eyes to spacious ways of seeing myself and others. 

Loving and being loved is both active and restful. The doing is filled with being. The actions are filled with ease. And then, of a sudden, you are Love Itself. (As you always were, and always will be.)