Yoga for Veterans New Student Form

Yoga for Veterans

Mindful Movement & Resiliency


If you like, you may print out this optional form and bring it with you to class.  This form will not be kept on file; it is only intended to aid the teacher and student in creating a positive experience in the class.  (This form has been adapted from Warriors at Ease.)

First Name:   _____________________________


1)       Why did you choose to attend yoga class today?


2)      Are there any health challenges (of any kind) you’d like the teacher to be aware of?




3)      Would you like to share any details regarding your stress levels or responses to intense situations that you are struggling with?  (Are there certain things, events, or situations that increase or decrease your stress levels?)




4)       Do you have any questions or concerns about yoga class or yoga practice in general?




5)      Is there anything else you would like to share with the teacher?