Skillful Resilience Experience

The Skillful Resilience Experience© will be a multiple class series that seeks to cultivate and embody the abilities of resilience to support a flourishing life both individually and communally.

is the innate
ability to
do and be
your best.”

The 7 Abilities of Resilience are

  • to believe in one’s capacity to meet, mange, and adapt in the face of difficulty
  • to identify needs
  • to self-soothe
  • to ask for and accept (or receive) assistance or resources
  • to reframe the story or shift perspective toward the positive or to identify meaning
  • to identify common humanity, or, individual self & self interconnected with other individuals within community
  • to find humor and to laugh

These abilities are nurtured through mutual regard, play, meditation/mindfulness, and creative & somatic movement, as well as creative expression using any combination of playfulness, intra and inter personal regard, written language or image/craft creation (e.g. journal entries, poetry, prose poems, essays, drawing, sketching, painting, found object sculpting, etc.)

The Vision

Compassion | Resilience | Hope

The VISION for how the Skillful Resilience Experience© will support individuals, small groups, families, schools, communities, and corporations is to create a culture of compassion, resilience, & hope  throughout your community through a philosophical perspective  of wholeness & connection, focusing on existing strengths (ABA), cultural and spiritual norms (CRT), and people-first language (PFL).   

The Mission

Trust | Support | Connection | Empowerment | Affirmation

The MISSION of the Skillful Resilience Experience© is to help manifest a community that trusts, supports, connects, empowers and affirms each individual, thereby creating a virtuous cycle of continued growth and flourishing.  

The Intention

CARE Teams | Trusting Relationships
Supportive Practices | Shared Language

The INTENTION of the Skillful Resilience Experience© is to fulfill this mission & vision by

  • creating or designating CARE Teams that embody Compassion, Acceptance, Resilience, & Empathy (this applies to you even when you take this course as an individual).
  • Building trust between individuals in facilitated one-on-one and small group settings.
  • Creating a foundation of support for yourself, teachers/leaders or parents/caregivers by offering trauma and resilience training through embodied meditation/yoga/somatic movement and mindful/creative movement and expression first for your self, then techniques that will be shared with others/students/colleagues/children.
  • Defining a shared language and self-awareness & regulation plan unique to your setting by guiding short sessions in your own space, classrooms, cohort or family.  The co-created common language and practices would connect any existing programs, such as mindfulness programming, “student/teacher/employee of the month,” or “student/teacher/employee spotlight,” (Virtues/Character Building/PBIS/SEL) by using words of embodied resilience that make sense in your unique context.  These words of embodied resilience would be uplifting, life-giving/life-supporting behavior choices for self and others that span school, work, home, and broader community.