A Prayer for God This Day

Lord of Life,
this morning I give you
all my breaths, all my movements.
Take all my work, my thoughts, my words,
my deeds this day for your own.
I offer you even my sulking and sighs,
my selfishness and pride.

Let every bit of my goodness
be a prayer of praise,
a singing out for your glory,
every bit of my evil
a prayer of petition,
a crying out for your tenderness.

In all things I adore you,
even in my blindness
I search for you
for you are with me in all things.

You are mine
even in my weakness,
and I am yours
even in your strength.

Christ be next to me;
Holy mother of God stand beside me –
but even more –
Lord be with each of your children,
the abused and the abuser;
let your Love save and heal all,
for each of us stands in need of you.

May my living this day
pray this prayer over and again,

Amen, amen.
Amen, amen, amen.

A Prayer for Patience

O most Holy Lord, who has waited for us so long, who continues to wait for us each time we fail, each time we turn away, instill in me the virtue of patience so that I might be more like you.

Grant me the grace I need to be patient with my husband when he has a bad day, to be patient with myself when I have a bad day; grant me the grace I need, O God, to speak to my babies in loving tones even when I am frustrated and feel unable even to pray.

Help me, Most Gracious One, to be kind, to be content, to be at ease.  Let your Holy Spirit guide my emotions and my words, so that I might not only treat my family with unconditional love, but that I might be an inspiration to them and to others to grow closer to you in faith, in hope, and in charity.

I ask this through Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.


Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.

A Prayer for Kindness in All Things

A Prayer for Kindness in All Things

Dear Lord, I praise you as the essence of all things loving; You are complete in Yourself; You are unconditional in Love. In my heart I desire to be more like You, and I invite you to be with me as I move about through my day. When I begin to compare myself to others, let me remember that we are all made in your likeness, and that each of our bodies is a temple of Your Holy Spirit. When I am tempted to make judgments about the actions, behaviors, even the looks of others as a way of making myself feel better, come to my aid and bring about in me a spirit of contentment, a spirit of gratitude. Help me to treat each person I encounter as I would like to be treated, and fill me with loving kindness so that my thoughts, words, and deeds flow from Your spirit of unconditional Love. Let me remember You always; let me be ever aware of Your presence in each moment of my life, as I would surely cease to live, to move, to have my being if thought of me falls from Your mind’s embrace for the span of even one breath; for it is Your breath that gives me life.

I ask all these things through Christ who strengthens me.