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Sweet Emmanuel


Chocolate milk in the morning,
knee-high hugs good-bye,
chocolate-spotted suit pants,
dark stains that won’t dry.

In what disguise will he turn up today?
Distressing, calm, or well?
It seems he sleeps and wakes within us,
sweet, Sweet Emmanuel.

We are each a Christ to one another,
each harnessing a dove.
We are Christ to each other,
loving and being loved.  








Psalm for the Future


When I am lonely, and mired in hopelessness, lift me.
When I am angry, and aflame with incredulity and indignation, cool me.

When I am  spinning with joy and ease, nudge me.
When I am drowsy with contentment and bliss, wake me.

When I am overcome with grief and sorrow, uncover me.
When I am  laden with powerlessness and loss, energize me.

Lord God, you are all in all.  Help me to remember you always.