An Enigmatic Easter

The Easter eggs nest in their cups, new life all in a row?
No, no, sweet babe, no chickies here, no chickies here will grow.
I know it’s hard to understand; these eggs are not yet done;
You’ll dip them in the colored dish and dye them one by one.
T’morrow we’ll take them to the church and have them blessed by God,
On Sunday when we crack their shells you’ll see it’s been no fraud.
Tonight, sweet babe, rest well and sleep, the eggs will be outshone;
On Easter day our comfort comes, the Lamb’s Resurrection.

A New Year Mantra for Lent

Three months removed from the start of the year, and embarking on the first week of Lent, it seems fitting to revisit our new year mantra (with a twist into first person):

Seek to bring out the good in those around me,
and I will find the best in myself.

How does this look manifested in our real and very daily lives?

Sometimes it is what we don’t do that creates change.  Seeking to bring out the good in others might best come by way of self-restraint.  Practicing silence, aside from many other benefits, can allow those around us to blossom.

These next weeks as we move toward Spring, let’s be patient, dig into the last of Winter, and embrace a kind of dormancy of speech.  May we be delighted by what we find growing all around us come Eastertime.