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look up



My world is so close.

So tiny. So right before my eyes.

It is all little grabbing hands

and chubby feet and

eyes, noses, mouths,

bellies, arms, and legs

that all need loving, and I forget

to see God in it.  I am forever looking down and in.


In the vast expanse

of the horizon line,

in a surround of grass and forest,

in fields, on mountains, and shores,

I look up and out always

and am freed into a new perspective

and a new love of the old old God.


I want to look up

when I look down.

I will see trees and sky

and vast expanse when I am nose to nose,

when I am lathering, rinsing, drying,

diapering, dressing, zipping.

When I am adjusting socks and fastening shoes,

I will look up.

When they come to me crying,

wailing, screaming, yelling,

I will be in awe of God’s power

to create such multi-faceted, complex beings,

and I will see their eternal souls

and I will see the God that they are a part of

when I look down, look over, look into

their sweet sweet eyes.

I will.

Peeling Grapes


Who am I

to be blessed with a baby

who loves grapes;

and me, with legs and feet to stand,

hands and fingers to work,

eyes to watch and ears to listen?

The juice runs down between my fingers

as my knife works.  It drips from my wrist onto the white plate

where I wipe the purple skins and quarter the fruit.

Who am I to be blessed with the Time to stand here

peeling grapes?