Generosity of Spirit

Dear Yoga Friends,

Last Friday we gathered for Body Prayer, and I can’t thank you all enough for trusting me with your prayer practice.  It was a truly uplifting experience.  Each of you brought such a generous spirit of open-heartedness, thanksgiving, and charity to our time together.  Your presence, and your willingness to explore the relationship between movement and prayer, was nothing short of a gift.  Thank you.

Please know that your donations added up to a lovely sum that will go to support the Mind Body Align Charitable Fund.  Please click the link to learn more.

If you attended Body Prayer, or were interested in attending but unable to make it, please consider visiting the Body Prayer Feedback page and share your thoughts with me.

Don’t forget:

Yoga classes are on break this week.  Benefit classes begin April 9th, and the Spring session begins April 14th.

Happy Practicing!

The Catholic Yogi


Mystery breaks

I am living, loading the dishwasher,
driving the van, matching socks,
when my little ones say, “I miss God.”
I know this missing.

One day I stood in my house,
my bed, my dishes, my tables
and chairs all around, and my
heart cried, I want to go home.

These mysteries break my heart.

I watch the morning sky;
I see mars, and jupiter and venus.
They hang, glowing ornaments
on invisible trees.

Does Christ hang this way, glowing
with generosity on all our invisible trees,
a call to desire giving our last two coins,
our last bits of chocolate, our last everything?

My heart breaks for these eucharistic mysteries.