A Getting-Ready Prayer

puts on bracelets:         

God be in my arms and in my strength
in my lifting
embracing and letting go

puts in earrings:            

God be in my ears and in my hearing
in my listening
understanding and honoring

puts on necklace:           

God be in my throat and in my speaking
in my conversing
expressing and silence-keeping

puts on eyeliner:            

God be in my eyes and in my seeing
in my viewing
framing and witnessing

puts on lip balm:            

God be in my mouth and in my empathizing
in my acknowledging
celebrating and lamenting

looks in mirror:               

God let me bring about the kingdom
enter the Flow
and do the work of love


I bend and snap closed her pink heart-covered raincoat,
my knees creaking, the fabric swishing.
I sweep back a lock of her wavy blonde hair
and click the purple flower clip into place.
We will rush for shoes and boots and bag.

She cries when she’s tired, only she doesn’t know that’s the reason.
I wipe the salt-drops from beneath her eyes,
some slipping over her cheeks, falling to her belly, or to the floor.
We hug.  She crawls onto to my unsteady, half-squat lap.
I am bending and she is held.