December’s Eve

This poem was written by a dear friend who decided our ideas were worthy of poetry. This is our organic, spontaneous, joyful collaboration. It spilled out of our connection, and she caught all the gems, arranging them with her time, effort, and energy, creating what you see below.

We had been talking & texting about life – the big existential kind of talking about life – and then a few weeks later she gave me a book, one of the most beautiful gifts I’ve received: Call Us What We Carry, a collection of poems by Amanda Gorman. When I opened the front cover I saw them – all of our words, and some new ones. She had collected our thoughts and organized them in verse. The beautiful fine-point black felt-tip ink of our words, written in her own hand, is stamped in my memory. My eyes filled up with tears when I realized what I was reading.

Who’s lucky enough to receive a gift such as this – this book, this poem – this friend?

December’s Eve

what was,
what is,
what’s to come,
what we wish for,
what we hope for,
what we wished for,
what we hoped for,
what we forgive,
what we allow,
what we choose,
what chooses us…

one after the other…

What do we love,
What do we love,
What do we love?

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Generous Wisdom | Spacious Heart: Encouragements, Updates & Future Offerings Sept. 2021

Hello Dear Readers, Writers & Yogis,

Welcome to the first Generous Wisdom | Spacious Heart Newsletter. I hope you’re as excited to read it as I am to be sending it. Just Three Things:

  • You’re doing amazing. We are in “Phase II” of the pandemic, and I want to remind you of how resilient you are. Last year I shared a post about nesting and I want to remind us to do that again. ReNest. I also shared a post about all the ways Love is Spacious. Practice Spaciousness.
  • Reconstruction & New Location. The website is still in its reconstruction phase. Soon you’ll find a new logo, new layout, and hopefully some cool photos. After that – online courses! Thank you for your patience and graciousness. I’m currently working on securing a new space for in-person classes. I hope to offer hybrid classes in addition to in-person only and online only.
  • Breathe, Laugh, Play: A Yoga Series of Movement & Meditation. The Wise Heart Yoga offering has a new signature series: Breathe, Laugh, Play. This group of classes will be a combination of yoga postures and extended meditation. All levels welcome! More details to come.

I miss you all. I’m looking forward to seeing you again, whether it is online or in person. I can’t wait.

Wishing you spaciousness,


A Universal Yogi

Write me a note and tell me how you’re doing ~