The Catholic Yogi New Class Offering

Hello, Yoga Friends,

I hope this note finds you well and enjoying your day. Hopefully, the weather is gorgeous where you are, and you can pop outside to soak it up.

I’ve been able to see some of you in semi-private small group classes, but others have been waiting for a regular weekly class to show up, and here it is!

Gentle Yoga for Strength & Vitality

Gentle Yoga for Strength & Vitality is an all-levels class designed for beginning students, as well as experienced students who enjoy a gentle practice. Special attention will be given to warming and strengthening the muscles before, during, and after stretching, while detailed instruction in the classic poses will bring greater body and breath awareness. Learn variations of poses that fit your unique body; discover breathing practices that energize and calm; and develop an appreciation for the strength and vitality already present within you.

This class will meet Monday AND Wednesday mornings, from 9:30 – 10:30. Please visit the events schedule at Mind Body Align to register, and feel free to email me if you have questions.

I have an awesome resource for you: Olga Kabel is a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, founder of Sequence Wiz, and is an author and presenter at Happy U. Here is a link to her current teaching: Three Main Forces That Regulate Your Homeostasis and Inner Balance. Be sure to check out all the other links, as well! I appreciate her so much because her teaching speaks to our real lives. Her knowledge and experience are deep, and her explanations are nuanced. Her love of Yoga and Science is evident, and her passion for sharing these gifts is contagious!

Remember, Yoga by Appointment is always an option for you. I’m happy to schedule one-on-one private classes or small group sessions, designed to your specific interests and intentions. Appointments can function as a one time “Let’s Figure Out How to Get Started,” a “Pick-Me-Up Re-Energizer,” or a “Check-in.-and-Touch-Base.” We can also set up recurring classes that fit your schedule. Don’t forget ~ if you’re trying to figure out how to integrate your yoga practice with your faith life, religious tradition, and spirituality, we can set up a session to explore the endless possibilities and opportunities. This is an exciting journey!

Happy Practicing!

The Catholic Yogi