Come Out and Practice!

Give and Receive.  Stretch and Share.  Yoga for Life Benefit Class Opportunities:

Tonight, Monday, December 10th, 7:00pm at No Limits Studio in Lexington.

Wednesday, December 12, 9:45am at the Butterfly House in Mansfield.

All proceeds benefit survivors of abuse.  Visit the Benefit Class page for tons more info.

I SO hope to see you there!

Happy Giving,

The Catholic Yogi

A Wishing Prayer

Even if I never write again
past this moment
it is at God’s pleasure
that I wish to serve.

I read that Mother Theresa
thought of herself as a little pencil
that God moved as he liked.
I can offer my own little will
to God’s and he can move
my pencil as he likes.
I will not worry
about what comes out
and God can reveal himself
in whatever way pleases him.

Even if no one ever sees it
or ever reads it
I will write.
And even if my writing
never changes anyone
it will always change me.


In the End, Happiness

“Being happy means entering wholeheartedly into everything – no matter what type of challenge it presents, no matter what the possible difficulties involved – entering into it body, soul, mind, and spirit.  We have to enter into it in such a way that we’re no longer separated from what we’re doing.  We forget ourselves at the same time that we give ourselves completely.  And when we do enter into life totally and completely, then, if we stop and reflect for just a moment, we’ll notice that somehow we’re beginning to experience happiness.  This is what we’re made for.”

~ The Monks of New Skete (In the Spirit of Happiness, 311)