Yoga and Spirituality ~ Being & Doing Good for Our Neighbors

When our yoga is only for us to feel good and blissful, all the time every time, inside our own cozy cave, it can start to feel a bit incomplete.  When our relationship with our Higher Power, the Ground of Being, Source, the Universe, God in all God’s forms, is only experienced in isolation, things can get a tad lonely.  And while we might touch into a feeling of freedom in our practices, we know that not everyone is free.

Let’s envision our yoga practice growing off of the mat and into the greater world, so that it serves a purpose bigger than ourselves.  I am ever-grateful that yoga keeps my body healthy and thriving, and that it eases my spirit and soul into restful places, but I am also inspired to make it work — and by that I mean serving in love.  I feel the same way about incarnational spirituality — my  love for Christ and the Trinity, for the Ground of Being, for Source, for Love inspires me to serve in Love.  Let’s envision growing spirituality out of the sanctuary of concrete buildings and into the greater sanctuary of the world,  following the call to let Love’s teachings serve the purpose of collective liberation.

To this end, you’ll be invited to take part in a benefit class:  Yoga for Life. This will be an easy-going all-levels class.  We will engage in a mindful exploration of breathing and moving that will not only benefit our bodies, minds, and spirits, but will also benefit the members of our community through our donations of goods and services.

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We’re called to live and live fully.  Thanks for sharing in the joy.

Happy Practicing!