Trust and Be Trusted


Sometimes love looks back
at what has been done
and what has been left undone.

Often trust looks ahead
at what is to come
and what will not come.

Always I am called to trust
and to be trusted.
This is massive loving.

About Amy @ Love and Be Loved

Amy Secrist is a Catholic, a wife, and a mother of four (ages 15, 10, 8, & 7). She prays, teaches & practices postural yoga & meditation, snuggles, reads, writes, walks, and eats chocolate in a small town in Mid-Ohio.

2 responses »

  1. I have always said you are wise beyond your years and your writing proves me right every time. This is so full of wisdom and insight once again! Thank you for your gift of writing and I too am thankful to be a witness to your journey and growing….All love and light your way….

    • Thank you! It is only that I make such big messes of things that I am forced to think hard about ways to not mess up the next time — thank God for the Spirit’s wisdom-crystals and for the inpiration of others on the journey!

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