Lonely Writer’s Song


“When my spirit is failing within me,
still, Lord, you know my paths.” ~ Psalm 142:4

The middle of the day
is dead of night to me,
the evening even more;

But Lord, you know my heart,
my mind, my soul; you are near me
upon this desolate shore.

When everything is darkness,
when everyone has fled
and I am left alone,

You, Lord, are my comfort,
the rock
upon which I build my home.

And though you seem to hide,
to forget,
to care not where I go,

Each morning I awake,
I remember,
it is you whom I should love more.

For it is you who brings the morning,
brings the sun
and wakes my soul,

You who lifts my spirit,
calms my mind,
and makes me whole.

8 responses »

  1. This is wonderful! I love the “the middle of the day is dead of night to me the evening even more.” Great writing and flow. I like the shore picking up the sound of more of the previous stanza. I like how the morning comes in at the end and “makes me whole as the ending.” I really enjoyed reading this poem! God Bless!

  2. As I ponder the beauty of these lines, I hear a sweet melody from a song I love dearly, “to you Yahweh I lift up my soul oh God”. My spirit finds refreshment in this.

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