Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time (I hear the cardinal)

I hear the cardinal
sound his call, his metallic “chip, chip, chip!”
I wonder whom he is warning off,
or what he is challenging.

I peer up at the nest,
notice the shredded, grimy bits of plastic.
I think about how nothing is perfect,
yet we are challenged to reach perfection.

I touch the branch,
reaching up from the step ladder, and pull down.
It is empty.  No shells.  No feathers.
Desolate and lonely.


  1. Cynthia says:

    Ahhh we both have cardinals in our poems!!! Love it!! The perfection and its challenge and the desolate and lonely resonate well with the empty nest. Lovely details of No shells. No feathers… and the step ladder. Enjoyed this post. Thank you!!

  2. AmySecrist says:

    Thank you for reading and complimenting. So thankful for your encouragement!

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