The Immeasurable

My days are measured in stacks of clothes and dishes,
morning passing into night through plates of food and containers of water.
I remember yesterday in the deliciousness of re-warmed stew;
I see the future in little pajama-shirts I will never fold again.

My children’s days are measured in the cards they will play
and the apple crisp they will enjoy – what they will get to do before bedtime –
not often in what they have done, rarely in what they are doing.
Questions:  “When it’s time…?”  Declarations:  “When I’m older….”

My God’s days are measured in gifts of love,
sacrifices of sleep, of time, of self.
Beyond even the certainty of sunrise,
he packs together, shakes down, overflows.


  1. Cynthia says:

    Lovely! Remembering yesterday in the “warmed-up stew” is a wonderful detail as well as the little pajama shirts you will never fold again. I love how “my God’s days are measured in gifts of love.” It is beautiful that you write out of your days and fabric of dailiness. I enjoy reading about them and your journey!! God Bless.

    1. AmySecrist says:

      Cynthia, thank you for appreciating my subject…I imagine it could be sheer boredom to some! Many blessings to you…

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