Our Happiness

“Our happiness doesn’t depend on somebody else’s action or on anything else.  It doesn’t depend on our success, but rather on the effort we’re willing to put into everything we do.  Even if people disappoint or fail us left and right, even if people turn against us, hurt us, lie about us, don’t understand us, even if they think they know everything about us and judge us unfairly, they can’t infringe upon our happiness.  True happiness means that we have a deep-seated peace and tranquillity that transcends all the difficulties of life, that cannot be disturbed by the chaos and warfare that might touch our lives.”

~ The Monks of New Skete (In the Spirit of Happiness, 312)


  1. Cynthia says:

    Am enjoying these excerpts from Monks of New Skete!!! Thank you for posting these amazing reminders….God Bless….

    1. Amy @ Love and Be Loved says:

      The New Skete Monks are such an inspiration. I find myself reading and rereading In the Spirit of Happiness, and coming back to it for reminders just like these. So glad God sends such inspiration and little nudges when our attention slips away…Many blessings to you!

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