Class cancellation for Jan. 26

Greetings Yoga Friends,

I’ve decided that no one needs to be stressed out about getting to yoga class! (Including me!)   It worries me to think of us driving from back roads in the darkness tonight.  And I don’t want any of us to feel like we’d be missing out if we decided to stay home.  Classes for this evening, Jan. 26, are cancelled.  I will add a class on to the end of this session to make up for it.  
However, do your best to keep your “yoga hour” sacred.  This will be a good test.  If you must, lock yourself in your bedroom and breathe!  Take yourself through a yoga class of your own design, look one up in a book or online, or practice what you remember from class.  If you know the sun salutation, practice a few — the heat will be most welcome!  And give yourself time for relaxation at the end.
For those of you in the Power Yoga class:  please practice  your sun salutations this evening followed by a few poses of your choice and savasana (relaxation).  Homework for the week:  please try to work this short practice into your day (morning, noon, or night).  
Be well, safe, and warm.  See you next week!
The Catholic Yogi

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