For Thomas (On the Occasion of His Tenth Birthday)

Often you say to me, “I can’t believe you’re my mom.”
I choose to take this as a compliment.

Often I say to you, ” Please stop acting like an almost 10-year-old.”
I insist you take this as a compliment.

When I think of life a decade ago,
I wince at all my oozing pridefulness.

When you think of life a decade from now,
I pray you shine at all your humble grace.


  1. This is so tender and so true. I love the back and forth of the mother and son. The tug and tug back. This is a nice tension and sets up the ending wonderfully. The layers of meaning are rich here. I love the backward and forward of time as well. The two line stanzas set a solid feel. Lovely and powerful little poem. Thomas is so fortunate to have you for his mother!!! Hope his day was great! Can’t believe he is 10 already….Love and light your way…

    1. Thank you again! He is a blessing, as you know how children are in so many ways. He is always inspiring!

    2. I love your observations of this piece. I was worried about its form and function, but judging by your comments, the poem found its way in spite of my fumbling efforts! Thank you for showing me!

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