Happy Birthday Blog

I used to loathe the word “blog.” Now I love it.

Love and Be Loved came to life one year ago, though it had been brewing, stewing, percolating long before that. This has been an excellent and amazing twelve months because “the blog” has helped keep me whole: it has given me an outlet, a reason, recourse, resource, audience (even if it’s only me (and my mom!)).

I’m thankful to everyone and everything that’s made this blog possible.

Happy, happy day!


    1. Coming from the queen of quotes, I am so thankful for the compliment. Thanks for the birthday wishes and for visiting. Many blessings to you…

  1. Happy Birthday!!! So thankful you are out here writing and sharing with us. It has uplifted many a day!! Keep up the wonderful work…here’s to another year… moment by moment. Love and light your way always dear friend!!!

    1. Thank you! And especially thankful for your reminder: moment by moment; it is so necessary! So good to be on the journey with you. Love and light to you always…

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