all creation is groaning in labor pains…

(A prayer reposted from


Jesus, how wonderful
it would be if the
grief of this world
could be turned into joy!

And yet, Lord, that is what
you say will happen
when the kingdom comes
in its fullness.

But that time still
seems so far off.
Right now, the kingdom
is still being born,
by pain and anguish
and fear and turmoil.
All creation is groaning
in labor pains, says Paul,
and we all wait for
the kingdom to be born.

Jesus, we’ve never given women
the credit they deserve for the
courage and heroic endurance
it takes to give birth.
And until recent medical advances,
every woman in childbirth
had a strong chance of dying
in the process.

Help me to learn
from these women, Lord.
Give me some of their strength
as I struggle to give birth
to the kingdom in my own life.
Give me some of their selflessness,
so that I may give of myself for others.
Give me some of their generosity
so that I might put others before myself.
Give me some of their courage
in facing death,
so that I might die to myself
for the sake of the kingdom.

Childbirth is messy, painful,
and dangerous, Lord.
Help me to keep looking
forward to the day
when all our anguish
will be turned
to eternal joy.

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