A Candle Prayer

Come comfort this hurried heart
with love and kindness
this tired heart
with quick forgiveness
this beating heart
with solid restfulness;

uncover the pricelessness
beneath these worthless days
beneath these screams and shouts;

show me green shoots sprouting
through this drenched earth,
massive oaks and maples,
beech trees popping newborn leaves
into this rain-soaked air.

I slip too-small clothes into
white plastic bags marked with
age and size in black ink and knot their
red ties closed while my life changes
in an instant, in one long instant.

Come comfort this quiet heart
and hear its song, inaudible to me.


  1. Patricia says:

    Amy, I read this poem last night, and like it very much. I can so relate! I think everyone can. Thank God for His Grace in every moment of our existence. God bless you, Amy, and thanks for visiting me. I know we both devour Cynthia’s poems 🙂 Happy Easter!

    1. Amy @ Love and Be Loved says:

      Devour is such a great word! Yes, it is a joy to visit Cynthia’s site. And a blessing for us all to be connected in this journey. Thank you for your kindness in stopping by to read and comment. Happy Easter!

  2. cynthia says:

    Yes, I agree with Patricia about relating to this poem. I love the slipping the too-small clothes into the white plastic bags..and how your life changes in a long instant. That is lovely. The ending is wonderful…hearing the song of your heart that is “inaudible to me.” Perfect. Thank you for sharing your beautiful gift with us! So glad to see all your posts as of late!!! Love and light of Christ…..

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