A Sort of Spring Clean (Two Little Girls Share a Room)

We clean the stuff off of dressers
and out of drawers and find
we’re overwhelmed.
This is the cost of stuff.

Pictures and drawings,
cards, notes, crayon mandalas,
each one a decision.

We make piles:
Keep, Give, Throw.

We find dentist-office toys
(plastic eyeballs),
(fluorescent bouncy balls)
birthday party favors
(fake nose and glasses, and kick balls).
We uncover homemade books, handmade-
mixed-media-collage work, each one
a decision.

A new pile emerges:
Save in the Memory Box

A newer pile (we are desperate):
Find Another Spot in the House For.

A newest pile:
Mom and Dad Decide.

Now exhaustion,
now soccer games,
now bags and piles
lean against the walls
and topple over…

Two little girls
learning what it means
what it means to be
A Work in Progress.


  1. cynthia says:

    I love this!! You express this “work in progress” so honestly, humorously and accurately!! Oh the days of cleaning out my girls’ rooms!! The piles are just great! The “newer pile (we are desperate)/ Find Another Spot in the House For” cracks me up. I like the speed of the piece, going through all the stuff, the listing quality. The “A newest pile: Mom and Dad Decide” also had me laughing. This is a fun and fantastic piece. You are on a roll…..Yay!!!

    1. Amy @ Love and Be Loved says:

      This is the stuff of life these days….Glad it brought some laughter! Incidentally, I think I need to do some “Keep, Give, and Throw”!

      1. cynthia says:

        Hahaha…We can throw together!!! Or at something!! Who can throw the farthest like discus….

  2. annette wiblin says:

    Love this one Amy! You are amazingly talented!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Amy @ Love and Be Loved says:

      Thank you, Annette. I bet you’ve had to sift through a few piles in the girls’ rooms, too! Happy Spring!

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