A Sacramental

It is Advent
and I am cleaning out the desk.
I find expired coupons,
obsolete proofs of purchase,
useless how-to manuals.

Beneath unopened instructional cd’s
and old, unframed photos
a gem is gleaming and I open it:

May Christ and all the angels linger long
in September’s slanting light;
gathering around your nebulous charity
that once again said ‘yes’
to becoming
the vessel for life
and loving those who become; 

May the days that seem impossible
be few and fleeting.
May the forgiving be creative!
The Beauty Immense.

These verses fall
out of the cardstock
and into my lap,
a precious gift,
a visible sign of invisible grace
carrying me through
another birth,
another recovery,
another disorienting,
treacherous leap into
God getting to me
through the careful crafting of words
and friendship,
his presence made manifest in love
shared and received
like the sacramentals of daily living,
the bread and wine, the coffee and cake, the letters and poems,
the words that feed and give, restore and reawaken.

I find jealousy, greed, and vanity,
envy, pride, and selfishness
stacked and piled high on this old soul.
It is Advent
and I am uncovering a gleaming gem.


About the Poem:

The letter in this poem is five years old.  It inspires me each time I uncover it.  My dear friend, Cynthia, sent it to me after the birth of my third child.  If you’ve never received a letter like this, write one, and send it out into the world.  If you’ve ever received a letter like this, write and send at least ten of them!

Cynthia blogs at The Mad-Eyed Monk.  Visit and be inspired!


  1. cynthia says:

    Oh Amy! Beautiful, touching and loving poem. The action of cleaning out the drawer, the lists of things, and cleaning out our hearts and souls in Advent is a wonderful bridge. I love the poem beginning and ending with Advent as it feels balanced and sturdy. I love “God getting to me/ through the careful crafting of words/ and friendship.” “Your friendship is the “gleaming gem” always; a daily sacrament and “visible sign of invisible grace” I am forever grateful! I am touched deeply by your gracious involvement of me in your post.and WONDERFUL writing that truly does “feed and give, restore and reawaken.” Ahhhh…….your words brought tears to my eyes longtime friend sent from God. Love and light…..

    1. Amy @ Love and Be Loved says:

      So much love to you, friend. God is awesome.

  2. Reblogged this on Generous Wisdom | Spacious Heart and commented:

    Found this and wanted to reshare. Life-giving pieces like this are so, so necessary, and are evidence of the communal and relational nature of Divine Flow. May blessings abound.

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