Greetings, Fellow Yogis!

Today begins the pause between winter sessions, which is a perfect opportunity to step out of our routines and see the world from a different perspective.  Since we won’t be in the studio this week, consider practicing at home at your regular class time, set yourself a slower pace, and become curious about your practice, looking at it from a new perspective.

The last few weeks we’ve considered what it means to “grow a yoga pose.”  As you practice, let the breath be the guide and follow the inhalations into length and space, and follow the exhalations to find depth and strength.  You might just fall in the love with some brand new shapes!

There is one opportunity for studio practice this week, and that is the Yoga for Life Benefit Class, this Thursday from 9:30 – 10:30am.  Please click here for the details regarding this, as well as the second session of winter quarter yoga.  Scroll through the offerings to find the class that’s best for you.

Happy Practicing!

The Catholic Yogi


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