Class Cancellation

Hello, Yoga Friends,
My family and I are moving through a bout of various viruses that have us wiped out, and I don’t want to chance passing this along to anyone.
Morning Gentle & evening Power Yoga classes are cancelled for today, Monday, March 6.  We will tack on an extra Monday at the end of the  4-week session, Monday, March 27, as a make-up class.  I hope you will be there!
If you can, set up a cozy, comforting, and inspiring spot in your home to move through a special yoga practice on your own.  Think of it as an opportunity to give yourself the gift of yoga at your house, a part of your daily routine.  Who knows, it could be the inspiration for an every-day-yoga-practice!  Use books, videos, youtube posts, or let the breath be your guide and improvise.
See you next Monday.  Stay Well!
& Happy Practicing!
The Catholic Yogi

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