Kind of a Big Yoga Update (for Autumn 2018)

Hello, Yoga Friends,

The summer yoga session has drawn to a close and we are all settling into a new routine. The Autumn session begins Monday, Sept. 10.  Keep reading to find reminders, important encouragements, and very important acknowledgments.

May you be filled with loving kindness, sweet yogis!



Autumn Schedule 2018 holds new classes, as well as returning classes with new days and times.  Click or tap the links to see what works for you:


You might have noticed some posts titled What Makes a Yogi?  Click, tap, or search the site to check out previous posts and then write your own.  Decide what being a yogi means to you,  post it on your wall, your mirror, your bedside table, your everywhere, and then live it.


I’d like to acknowledge some longtime yogis out there who have been practicing with me since the beginning.  You know who you are, as we have been practicing together for well over a decade.  And I do mean together, as we are all each other’s teacher.  I wouldn’t be who I am without you, you’ve been an inspiration, and I appreciate your dedication, your self-study, and your practice more than you know.   I’d also like to acknowledge the not-so-long-time yogis who keep coming to class, session after session, with passion, curiosity, and authenticity.  You bring your whole selves to practice, and I am bolstered by your honesty, humility, and humanity.

Finally, I feel it is my duty to acknowledge the revelations of sexual abuse within the Roman Catholic Church, as I am the self-identified “Catholic Yogi.”  I wanted to write to you all and post immediately, but there is simply too much to address, to discuss, to care for, all at once.  The subject is deep, detailed, and layered, and human.  Because of this, I plan to write extensively on the subject in a future series titled Identity:  Living as the Catholic Yogi.

What I do want to express here and now is this:

I am struggling.

My heart is broken and torn.

I feel shattered.

I have yet to weep.

Please know that I keep praying: for myself, my children, my family, my neighbors, my community, my church, my Church, all the little children of the world and those yet to be born, the adults who have survived, the current clergy, the predators.

I feel many things:  anger, embarrassment, shame, despair, foolishness, confusion, loss, and grief.  It is unfortunate that I do not feel shock.

Thank you so much for your continued interest in yoga and being a part our little yoga family.

God is big.   God is big.  God is big.

May you be filled with loving kindness.
May you be well.
May you be peaceful and at ease.
May you be happy.

Keep Practicing,

The Catholic Yogi