Light, Power & Prayers for Today and Always

Christmas Lights

Dear Yogis,

Celebrate the Light!

Whether you are celebrating the ever-increasing light of day and the sureness of Spring,  a Festival of Lights, the Messengers of God on Earth, the  Incarnation of God through Christ Jesus — Keep on being Mary, Mother of God, manifesting Divinity by your very Presence!  Keep being Little Christs, Little Buddhas, Sons & Daughters, Children of the God of Your Own Understanding. 
Birth Your Very Self, the manifestation of Love.
Light your Candle. 
Yep, light ANY Candle.

All Love,
All Light,
Any Amount of Action.

May it be yours,
and may you know it.
May you have the strength to bear it.

Happy Practicing!

~ The Catholic Yogi