A Prayer for God This Day

Lord of Life,
this morning I give you
all my breaths, all my movements.
Take all my work, my thoughts, my words,
my deeds this day for your own.
I offer you even my sulking and sighs,
my selfishness and pride.

Let every bit of my goodness
be a prayer of praise,
a singing out for your glory,
every bit of my evil
a prayer of petition,
a crying out for your tenderness.

In all things I adore you,
even in my blindness
I search for you
for you are with me in all things.

You are mine
even in my weakness,
and I am yours
even in your strength.

Christ be next to me;
Holy mother of God stand beside me –
but even more –
Lord be with each of your children,
the abused and the abuser;
let your Love save and heal all,
for each of us stands in need of you.

May my living this day
pray this prayer over and again,

Amen, amen.
Amen, amen, amen.

For Thomas, In October

You are your own twin,
Didymus and Acquinas;
someday you will be whisked away
from these veils of time,
and you will ask,
and it will be made known to you,
and you will glory in the Lord
old and deep and solid.

Old and deep and solid
is the core of you, though you do not know it;
the mysteries you turn about in your hands
revolve and rotate in the tiny-huge space of your spirit;
and now, you watch and listen, wonder and lament,
though these revolutions and rotations are the natural law and no cause for despair;
the conflict is great, yet
Divinity shines and reflects everywhere.