For Thomas, In October

You are your own twin,
Didymus and Acquinas;
someday you will be whisked away
from these veils of time,
and you will ask,
and it will be made known to you,
and you will glory in the Lord
old and deep and solid.

Old and deep and solid
is the core of you, though you do not know it;
the mysteries you turn about in your hands
revolve and rotate in the tiny-huge space of your spirit;
and now, you watch and listen, wonder and lament,
though these revolutions and rotations are the natural law and no cause for despair;
the conflict is great, yet
Divinity shines and reflects everywhere.


  1. Cynthia says:

    This is beautiful Amy! Thomas will cherish this. Divinity is shining and reflecting everywhere! In your words here. I love “the mysteries you turn about in your hands” wonderful!!! The twin image is really intriguing as well…Thank you for sharing your gift of words…God Bless..

    1. Amy @ Love and Be Loved says:

      At Tommy’s baptism, Fr. Tim asked us, right smack in the beginning of his homily(!), if we named him after doubting Thomas or Thomas Acquinas…I believe Jeremy answered with confidence, though I can’t remember which he said, and I answered that we weren’t quite sure!! And now, it seems, Thomas holds the spirit of each within him — his own twin. It amazes me. But, God does that now and again, doesn’t he…? I see in Thomas the conflicts that are all too human, that are within all of us even if more prevalent in some than others… I pray for his faith to ever increase, even if “doubt is the brother of truth”! Many blessings to you…

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