What Blessing is This?

He hurls himself
onto my leg, my chest,
from everywhere in the house
he comes flying across the floors,
bare feet smacking the wood and padding the carpet;
he is laughing, or crying, or thinking as he runs,
but always he is shouting
“I Love You, Too, So Much!”
then whispering
“i love you too so much”
and he squeezes me
and then he is gone
and I will soak it in while I have him,
while he fits in my arms.

…to love and to be loved…

“…Those little children still unborn have been created for bigger things: to love and to be loved.” ~Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

says the little one
to the big ones.

He does not
intend to settle
into his crib,

so he tucks
his sisters
and brother into bed

and makes them melt
for all his gooey sweetness.
In the living room

he crawls about
our bodies sprawled
in the chair, on the couch;

he declares, “Nose.”
when he touches
our noses,

“Eyes.” when he pokes
his finger across
our lids.

He reaches past
our book and tablet,
poking, with his pokey

fingers. It is
10:00. 10:30.
10:35. 10:45.

When all else fails,
hug and be hugged.

We love
and are loved
by him.