What Blessing is This?

He hurls himself
onto my leg, my chest,
from everywhere in the house
he comes flying across the floors,
bare feet smacking the wood and padding the carpet;
he is laughing, or crying, or thinking as he runs,
but always he is shouting
“I Love You, Too, So Much!”
then whispering
“i love you too so much”
and he squeezes me
and then he is gone
and I will soak it in while I have him,
while he fits in my arms.


  1. Cynthia says:

    The beauty of your child and his love for you is amazing! I love the ending “while he fits in my arms.” The time is fleeting while they can fit in your arms, until they fit in a part of your arms. I love the energy of this poem and how he hurls himself from everywhere in the house! This is lovely and well done!!! Enjoy your little ones! God Bless you all….

    1. Amy Secrist @ Love and Be Loved says:

      Thank you, Cynthia! I was hoping some energy would come across in the poem. So glad it could be felt 🙂 I am certainly blessed. So thankful for it.

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