A Prayer for Peacefulness

Lord God, you are All in All. You have blessed us immeasurably with life and spirit. Continue to bless us with selfless love that we may care for one another as you care for us, and in so doing wash away our fears of abandonment, hopelessness, and failure. May we love each other with your sacrificial love so that our homes become sanctuaries, for in these gardens of forgiveness our children will grow and change the world. May we love and forgive without reserve, and may all people receive your grace, absorbing it like rain on well-watered ground. Open our hearts that we may know you in the midst of our conflicts. Bless us with your spirit that we may know the comfort of your peace. Be with us as we live moment to moment that we may understand humility and meekness. With a grateful heart, we ask all these things through Christ who strengthens us.


Lonely Writer’s Song

“When my spirit is failing within me,
still, Lord, you know my paths.” ~ Psalm 142:4

The middle of the day
is dead of night to me,
the evening even more;

But Lord, you know my heart,
my mind, my soul; you are near me
upon this desolate shore.

When everything is darkness,
when everyone has fled
and I am left alone,

You, Lord, are my comfort,
the rock
upon which I build my home.

And though you seem to hide,
to forget,
to care not where I go,

Each morning I awake,
I remember,
it is you whom I should love more.

For it is you who brings the morning,
brings the sun
and wakes my soul,

You who lifts my spirit,
calms my mind,
and makes me whole.