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Of a November Morning


Venus adorns the morning’s crescent,
a glowing diamond in this eastern sky,
while waves of clouds roll beneath
the moon’s waning,

this daily joining in,
a practiced participation,
these lonely dives beneath love’s
surface, breaking into rocks of selfishness

where gleaming bands of diamonds
speak about grace,
sparkling mercies rolling beneath
our smiles, countless gifts

adorning our waxing joy,
sparks of patience and deference
and gifts of active grace
rolling through this mysterious sky.



I am not a short thought
in the mind of God.  I am
not all light and love.

I see the red-winged black birds,
sentries above the bramble.  Do I
stand guard, do I block the light?

I do not hold together in one piece,
see how my love lay filtered out:
patience, kindness, mercy,

and the sediment:
pride, anger, judgment.
My cup is not clear,

but see the cloudy drink
break the light into color:
whose light breaks that does not shine?

For Sylvia


She reminds me of passion
and singularity of purpose,
of aloneness
and love,
that there is more
to a day than
getting things done.

She reminds me of intention
and sincerity,
of righteousness
and pertinacity,
that there is more
to a relationship than
saying things out loud.

She reminds me to give and share,
to keep and cherish,
to search and find enough.