I am not a short thought
in the mind of God.  I am
not all light and love.

I see the red-winged black birds,
sentries above the bramble.  Do I
stand guard, do I block the light?

I do not hold together in one piece,
see how my love lay filtered out:
patience, kindness, mercy,

and the sediment:
pride, anger, judgment.
My cup is not clear,

but see the cloudy drink
break the light into color:
whose light breaks that does not shine?


  1. cynthia says:

    This is wonderful! I love so much…all! The opening “I am not a short thought/ in the mind of
    God” is so powerful and what a great way into this amazing piece! The black birds as “sentries” is lovely. The love “filtered out” is beautiful and the sediment there as well. So interesting. The ending just blows me away. “my cup is not clear/ but see the cloudy drink/break the light into color:/whose light breaks that does not shine? This is…I don’t know what to say…just amazing. I love the humility and the truth in this piece. We are not a “short thought” but we are “cloudy too.” We “shine” when we are broken “into color” !!!!! This just made my morning and day I am sure!! Will be re-reading this for sure. This is definitely among my favorites….love and light your way always….A blessed Holy Thursday for you all.

    1. Amy @ Love and Be Loved says:

      Thank you, Cynthia! I am humbled by your time and effort in reading this piece. Your experience validates my confused attempts! This one was the combination of many stirrings. That last line spoke within me for days and days and it wouldn’t be revised, reworded, or put off. How funny this line asserting itself! Love land light to you, too!

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