Autumn comes cleanly into my day.

Autumn comes cleanly into my day.
It has us wearing jackets
and opening windows, stacking books
and rearranging toys; it has us moving furniture
and wiping baseboards, walking to school
and praying in church.

The three little ones and I stop in at the sanctuary.
We are there with two women, mopping and dusting,
and we have our first practice sitting with God.
Jesus in the tabernacle; Jesus in our heart.
It lasts twenty seconds.

After nap we pop outside for swinging and soccer,
but the two youngest stoop beside our out-of-service flower-pot,
spying rain around the bottom, and dip their hands
in the dirt-flecked water.  Over and again:  “Amen.  A-men!” he says,
fingers touching forehead.  “Amen,” she smiles, crossing herself.
Christ comes cleanly into my day.


  1. Cynthia says:

    This is lovely! Sounds like a wonderful day and I love the “dipping into the dirt-flecked water.” Your children crossing themselves with it. The opening line of “Autumn comes cleanly into my day” and the ending of “Christ comes cleanly into my day” are great book ends and what a gift! Beautiful poem and children. You are so blessed…thank you for your gift of writing shared here.

    1. AmySecrist says:

      Thank you, Cindy. Yes, the blessings are sometimes difficult to see, and other times they are clear. What does St. Paul say…? “We see as through a glass, darkly.” Is that right? Imagine when we see everything enlighted through the beatific vision. It is beyond me. But, these moments, that I am sometimes able to document here, are truly blessings to me. I am thankful for God’s help and all his holiness. Much love and all light to you!

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