Living Miracles

These miracles, so bright I cover my eyes;
they bound, glide, skip before me and beside.

She rides his old training bike with eyes halfway closed;
he jukes and zags in front as she laughs from her toes,

and the little girl plays “touch each stone” along the way;
then it’s “touch the shoulder” when she finds me out of place.

Baby boy plays at cars, trucks, and tractors,
making their noise, making laughter.

The air moves and settles differently tonight;
it is the autumn coming, the new slant of light.

Ah, this wind, sweet-covered in leaf and seed-pod;
these miracles, rain-bursts of exhausting love.

They are four together and apart
sparkling each with their own purpose, their hearts

beating sorrowful now and again, though joy comes down with storms,
growing hurts, but this light hurts more.



  1. Cynthia says:

    This was so fun to read! I love the rhymes and it is so different for you! Love “how the air moves and settles differently tonight; it is the autumn coming, the new slant of light.”
    And how the light at the end hurts more referring back to the light of miracles at the beginning! There is so much I love about this poem. Beautiful!

    1. AmySecrist says:

      Yes, rhyming couplets are certainly different for me — I’m not sure about them(!). But the painful light at the end, yes, we look at our children and are in a way overcome – there is a physical/visceral reaction/response at times: the love that swells within us threatens overflowing/bursting. It’s wild! Thank you for your kind words.

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