Learning Wonder

He grasps the peeled banana, gazing at it
the way we might sweep our eyes skyward over the harvest moon.
He is awestruck by oatmeal cookies,
shocked into giggles by being handed them two at a time.
Tractors.  Soup.  The afternoon breeze.
Tell him these are not reason for pause and contemplation.

I see him bounce over the floor, his stout body running on springs,
“lama-lama-lama!” he says reaching for the fruit high on the kitchen counter.
I peel the second half of the banana and watch him carry nothing
but the weight of wonder.


  1. Cynthia says:

    I absolutely LOVE this piece!!! The ending is fantastic!! “…and watch him carry nothing/ but the weight of wonder.” That is great.. I can feel and smell the banana, taste the cookies and hear the sounds in this poem. I feel the wonder and his awe and concentration! Also, “sweep our eyes skyward over the harvest moon.” This is a beautiful work. Well, well done friend! All love and light your way…

    1. Amy Secrist @ Love and Be Loved says:

      Oh, he struck me the other day as being completely free, completely without responsibility or duty — he is simply Here — he simply Is. He is completely free to wander and wonder. He actually says, “Wow…” at things!! He is a riot — a pure joy! And I am ever grateful for your kind comments and encouragement, Cynthia. Thank you, thank you…

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