For David, On the Occassion of an Ordinary Day

How does it happen, that energy-
come-flying, that solid, solid mass
unseen and untouchable,
the wind off the sea at midnight,
heard and felt,

He is it; right now I know him –
unconditional and pure – God at
20-months-old. He is squishy,
at the same time strong,
and there is nothing stopping his selflessness
save his humanity.

He has not yet two years
in this temporal, spatial world
and certainly he knows frustration –
an inability to reach bananas from the counter,
the challenges of pushing star-shaped blocks into star-shaped holes;
but these things are manageable;

unwieldy is what to do with all this love,
this overarching mode of operation:
“I want you to know how I love you.”

I know it in my bones. It is palpable. Inside and out.


  1. Cynthia says:

    I love the title!! The “energy-come-flying is great and such a dynamic way to open the poem. It really gets me into the pace of the piece right off the bat…”God at 20 months old” is wonderful!!! The ending resonates and I love the bone image there and the palpable there.So many interesting things about this piece. I will reread it for sure…Thanks for a great post!! Love and light your way friend…

    1. Amy @ Love and Be Loved says:

      It is such a joy to feel connection with someone over words and how they resonate; I am supremely glad that these phrases struck you so…Indeed, is there a greater compliment than “I will reread it for sure…”? So much thanks…

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