Forgiveness Hides in the Housework

I run boiling hot water over the floors steaming away dirt, germs, and spilled tomato sauce.  They shine.  In the morning, strawberry yogurt splatters and speckles the dark wood dotting our landscape with accident and mistake, and by afternoon, thousands of bread crumbs confetti the counters, tables, chairs, the bottoms of our bare feet.

Now it is evening.  The joys begin to settle in the house, loosed leaves on a windless day, and I find my soul glistening in the mercies that come falling with sleep.


  1. Wow, wow wow!!!! I love this piece!!! The details “shine” throughout the poem..the thousand of brad crumbs on the bottom of your feet is wonderful and the ending is shimmering and fantastic…”I find my soul glistening in the mercies that come falling with sleep.” I just can’t say enough about how amazing this piece is…. how it speaks the details of the day, chores, the seemingly mundane into the miraculous and beautiful…well done my dear friend…bravo!

    1. Cynthia, I’m so thankful for your kind response to this poem. It confounds me — to me, it seems either unfinished or over-worked!! There are spots of it that I love, so I am warmed that you had such a positive experience reading it….Thank you again for the encouragements!

  2. very nice! (and sounds a lot like our house, ha!) i feel like i’m right there with ya. wanna have a cuppa tea? 🙂

    1. Thank you, Donna! It is something getting through the days at certain phases of our lives — we must always keep looking for meaning, or at least some good humor… 🙂 Thanks for visiting. I appreciate that you upcycle instead of recycle jewelry – my girls would love that. Be well!

      1. Embarrassingly, I just learned that I *do* recycle. I thought “upcycling” meant making something lovely from, well, trash! =) I’ll have to change that on my blog.

      2. We’ll have to coin a new term then, “hipcycling” – no, that seems taken already. There’s probably a lot of confusion and misconception about all these concepts!

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I find that sometimes I have to force myself to see to sweetness (Hence, bread-crumb-confetti) or else I’ll lose my sanity! I certainly feel like I’m always cleaning up after a party…:)

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