Autumn creeps toward us this year.  The white birch
turns from  green to yellow and goldens into November.
I watch the bright leaves shout to me through the front window,
and everyday for two weeks I think how I will write about it.

Now the wind comes, and well over half of the leaves
cover the ground in a splendid circular swath of color.
The wind has taken the rest:  oak, maple, buckeye, plum.
I see straight through all the branches into the sky.


  1. I love the title: Clearing. Beautiful! I love the names of the trees in this poem and of course the last line… opens up the entire piece and a great way to end. The “I think how I will write about it” is a nice detail and adds to the contemplative quality of the piece. Lovely piece…Thanks for sharing!! as always…..God Bless dear friend…

    1. Thank you…there is so much to learn through the cycle of seasons… I appreciate your time and kindness!

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