Hope Song

Through the course of
preoccupation with understanding
I keep shadowed
under the canopy of a forest
built with efforts of every shape:
goldened oaks, and old worries,
fired maples and malcontent,
bronzed birches and weeping brokenness,
flamed crab-apples and crooked-perfection;
the leaves are snapping free of the twig,
while mistakes release to the noisy wind.
Watch, watch the light beam through branches,
all barreness revealed and revealing
the turns of days and nights
growing and sleeping under the steady skies,
the reciprocity of love’s vulnerability and strength,
its whispered song of faith.


  1. cynthia says:

    Oh I love so much about this piece!! The shadow of the forest “built with efforts of every shape” and the back and forth of the sounds of the trees with the sentiments–the “fired maples” with “malcontent”… and “bronzed birches” with “brokenness”…the “flamed crab-apples” with the “crooked perfection.” Beautiful images and connotations. The beginning sets the poem up succinctly, draws the reader in right away and the ending is wonderful!! And I love “its whispered song of faith” which echoes nicely back to being shadowed (a feeling of hiding) in the forest at the beginning of the poem. Love’s faith does surpasses our attempts at understanding a whole lot. Well done!! Enjoyed reading this…thank you Amy…enjoy the ending of this glorious month!!!

    1. Amy @ Love and Be Loved says:

      Thank you, Cynthia. It’s funny; I struggled with this piece and felt it needed weeks of work, but I wanted free of it – so off it went! I’m ever thankful for your close reading, your effort, and kind comments. Thank you for your companionship!

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