A Twenty-One Day Discipline

For January 26th, Judith Hanson Lasater writes in her book “A Year of Living Your Yoga,” Without discipline there is not art.  The art of yoga comes from the consistency of discipline.  Today, resolve to practice for the next twenty-one days without missing a single one.”

I know the challenges of keeping up a demanding practice for days, weeks, months, years.  And I know the challenges of keeping up no practice whatsoever.  When I read this day’s entry to my students, it occured to me that we all must find the balance between intense and gentle, challenging and supportive in our yoga practice.  Over a lifetime, an on-going yoga practice will be as unique as the individual who practices it.  A twenty-one day yoga practice can be just as unique.  So I suggested we not set any kind of boundaries or rules, only that we practice daily.  This implies that our practice can be different each time we come to the mat.  Some days our practice might last an hour, other days only two minutes.  Think of it, only 120 seconds and we have practiced our yoga for the day!

Join us.  The Twenty-One Day Yoga Practice Challenge begins today!

Happy Practicing,

The Catholic Yogi

P.S.  You can start tomorrow, or the next day.  Just mark your calendar and keep track of the days!

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